ReAnima Project Gets Approval, Will Attempt To Bring The “Dead” Back To Life (VIDEO)

Get all your “zombie” jokes out of the way now. This is actually a serious project and it could change the world. The ReAnima Project, a project which hopes to regenerate parts of the nervous system for 20 brain-dead patients on life support, has scored a major victory.

Biotech companies Bioquark and Revita Life Sciences recently got approval to move forward with their controversial project. The 20 subjects participating in the first wave are technically no longer living, as CNET explains:

“The functions of their bodies, however, remain intact. The bodies still circulate blood, heal, and could even deliver a baby. The issue is that higher-level brain functions can’t currently be regenerated. That’s the problem the ReAnima Project will attempt to surmount.”

Check out the video below for more information…


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