Screen Record, One-Handed Keyboard, And More — iOS 11 Is Here And It’s Amazing

Before the collective groan of frustration commences, just here me out: iOS 11 for the iPhone is here, and it’s jam-packed with some really awesome things.

Yes, it’s frustrating whenever something changes. After all, humans are creatures of habit. I, myself, have a tendency to rage-quit my laptop whenever I open my email and see that the standard layout of my email inbox has changed. It happens to the best of us. But, some of the things iOS 11 has to offer will make it well worth the headache of learning its new navigation.

The One-Page Control Center

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Gone are the days of swiping up and then over twenty billion times before you can find your flashlight because that random hail-storm blackout. Now, when you swipe up to find your phone’s main control center, everything has been consolidated to just that initial screen. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there are some new shortcuts you can add to your initial control panel that can be added and removed like widgets.

Customization and no more finger cramps.

Ah, sweet bliss.

Photos From Your Photos

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Now, you can pick the best shots from all those live photos you take that ultimately end up in blurred pictures of your toddler racing across the lawn with a melting slushie. In iOS 11, it is possible to intentionally grab those crisp photos that got locked into the live photo, but apparently didn’t pop up at the right time to be the “primary photo” for the shot.

For all of you moms that have grouchy toddlers who never smile for the camera, you can now grab that last-minute grin!

Notes Has A Scanner!

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Notes now comes with a built-in scanner that has the capability of scanning receipts, documents, and tables. iOS 11 is now venturing into Evernote territory with this new upgrade to a classic built-in Apple app, but the only thing it lacks is the ability to make the scanned text editable.

Do I hear an iOS 12 update coming soon?

The One-Handed Keyboard Is Here, Folks

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Oh, yes. Now, if you press and hold the emoji button on your keyboard, it will give you the option to either compress the keyboard to the left or right. This makes it easier to work your phone with one hand, so there’s no more dropping it on the ground or having to roll your entire body over in bed just to send your early-bird best friend a text that you’re still sleeping even though it’s lunch time.

Do Not Disturb… While Driving

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In this updated version of “Do Not Disturb,” now you can choose to have your messages filtered and/or removed while driving. It can be engaged automatically, manually, or while your phone is connected to the Bluetooth of your car, and you can also program it to send out autoreplies when people message you to let them know you are driving and will get back to them later.

But really, it’ll come in handy when you’re driving with your mom in the car and you don’t want your girlfriend’s dirty text messages popping up while you’re driving down the highway.

Screen Recording

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While this new feature won’t be for everyone, iOS 11 now makes it possible to start recording whatever it is you are doing on your screen. This can come in handy for when you are watching videos and providing commentary, and if you run a how-to or self-help website, you will benefit tremendously from this upgrade.

This could also come in handy if you have technologically-deficient parents who expect you to fix their phones even though you’re halfway across the country. Simply record yourself doing it to your own phone, provide the appropriate commentary, and email them the video!

Just… Keep the cursing to yourself. Poor ol’ momma don’t need to hear that.

These are just a few of the wonderful updates coming with the iOS 11 update. Yes, there will be plenty of collective groans across the world about how long it will take to download or how long it will take someone to get used to the new navigation, but at least you will be getting some of these wonderful and awesome features.

Just try not to get too frustrated with all those game apps you have on your phone. They’ll all want to update at the same time in order to be compatible with the new iOS update.


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