Server’s Note To Woman Who Paid For Elderly Couple’s Meal Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

Kirsten Kinzle was enjoying a meal with her family at a Mimi’s Cafe in Victorville, California recently, and she noticed an elderly couple who seemed to be so in love that the din of the restaurant was no match for their adoration.

“You just see people sometimes that look like a great couple, like they really love each other.”

Kinzle thought about the fact that, while her own group was being rather raucous, this couple looked like they were trying to enjoy a quiet breakfast together. She decided to pay for the couple’s meal in an act of kindness.

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What Kinzle didn’t know was that the couple was mourning the man’s older brother, who had recently passed away.

Stephanie Miller was waiting on both tables and was aware of the couple’s ordeal. Her heart was especially touched by Kinzle’s gesture, because that day happened to be the one-year anniversary of the day Miller lost someone she loved. She wanted to tell Kinzle how touched the couple was, and why, but couldn’t find the words.

I knew that if I tried to start telling [Kinzle] the story myself I would probably start crying like a baby.”

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Instead, Miller chose to write a note to Kinzle to let her know just how touched the couple was by her gesture.

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Kinzle’s gesture reminds us all that even small, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness can have profound impacts on those around us. Spreading love is always a good choice!

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