Skaters Perform PERFECT Routine to Disturbed’s ‘Sound Of Silence’

Figure skating is a lot like watching someone dance, or even listening to someone sing: they make it look (or sound) easy, you think you can do it, you go to do it, and then you look (or sound) like a fool. Figure skating is graceful, beautiful, and fraught with talent and strength.

But the music makes or breaks a routine.

Just like a Broadway show can bomb because of its terrible music and just like a symphony can tank because of its missed notes, figure skating routines are heavily rooted in the music the individual, or couple, chooses. There is a story to tell that dictates specific moves and pulls emotion from the audience taking in the routine, and the music serves as the interpretive medium between what the figure skater is painting on the ice and what the audience interprets those moves to mean.

French figure skating pair Morgan Ciprés and Vanessa James are incredible athletes who have impeccable artistic abilities. They are a couple that consistently impresses any judge they grace with their routines, and rarely do they ever obtain low marks for their efforts on the ice.

Their performance at the International Skating Union’s World Team Trophy 2017 competition that took place in Tokyo, however, absolutely takes the cake.

They ended up choreographing and performing a routine to Disturbed’s remake of the Simon & Garfunkel hit “The Sound Of Silence,” and it blew every single person watching away.

Including the judges.

Watching below to have your mind absolutely blown by their interpretation, their strength, and their grace.


Featured image courtesy of Most Exciting Planet.