Spice Up Your Vacation – But Don’t Lick The Walls (TWEETS/VIDEO)

If you’re looking to get away and are trying to think outside the box of typical vacations, then why not consider the Uyuni Flats in Bolivia? It’s the world’s largest salt flat, which means your Instagram feed is sure to stand out. Plus you can really feed your salt addiction by staying at the Salt Hotel of Bolivia.

A salt artisan built it back in 1993 and it’s made of-you guessed it-salt. Stay in one of their 15 bedrooms and mingle with other salt lovers in their living room, dining room and bar. Not only is the floor covered in salt granules, but the roof and bar are made of salt.

Their only request is that you don’t give into temptation and lick the walls.

Watch this video to learn more about this amazing and unique hotel.

H/T: Oddee

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.