The 11 Best Memes About Donald Trump’s Empty Tulsa Rally

Last Saturday, June 20, Donald Trump held one of his hate rallies in Tulsa, OK. He had supposedly booked over a million people, but teens and K-Pop fans reserved seats in the arena without showing up.

1. The Empty Arena was being tweeted everywhere.

Trump was trying to hype the big crowds before the rally. His campaign manager tweeted this.

This was the actual crowd.


2. Even John Oliver Mocked Trump.

On his show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver managed to mock Trump while talking about the Coronavirus outbreak in Prisons.

“There’s absolutely no one in the room with me right now, although interestingly, that’s still somehow only slightly fewer people than were at President Trump’s Oklahoma rally last night, which was half empty despite his campaign claiming that a million people had requested tickets,” Oliver explained, “and even building an outdoor stage so he would be able to do a second speech to the thousands that couldn’t get in. That speech turned out to be very much unnecessary.”


3. Someone tweeted out the real stats of the Trump administration.

4. The Newspaper Trump Held Up

Someone else tweeted the newspaper Trump held up with a minor alteration.

5. The walk of shame from the helicopter.

Someone added some different music to Trump’s exit from the helicopter after he returned from the empty rally.

6. The Wiggles Concert

Someone shared a picture of the kids’ group “the Wiggles” selling out the same arena.

7. Other Artists Joined In On The Fun

Some Artists were pointing out that they sold the arena out in a few minutes.

7. The Walk of Shame and Runny Makeup

8. The one lone sign holder in one section.

This picture was taken and tweeted by Rolling Stone in one section of the arena.

9. AOC praised the teens that sabotaged the rally.

10. A tour of the empty crowd

11. Trevor Noah Weighed In

Here is the CNN clip about Trump’s crowds.

Featured image via Twitter.