There Is A Basketball Court On The Top Floor Of The U.S. Supreme Court

It looks as if the Supreme Court is no longer the “highest court in the land.”

Introducing: the basketball court on top of the Supreme Court. This recreational court sits on the fifth floor of the U.S. Supreme Court, right above the actual courtroom that is located on the second floor.

Image courtesy of Justin Ayars/Youtube video.

It used to have another purpose, however: this room used to serve as a spare storage room for journals. It was converted in the 1940s to a workout room for those who served the courthouse as full-time staff, and eventually morphed into a basketball court.

But, do not be fooled by the court’s layout. Other people who have worked within the walls of the Supreme Court, such as Sandra Day O’Connor, utilized the court for an all-women’s yoga class.

The basketball court, that is. No one was doing yoga in the Supreme Court courtroom.

Now, the fifth floor also houses a weight room for those Justices who think cardio is for nerds, and signs litter the walls of the basketball court that warn against anyone playing while court is in session.

After all, who wants to hear the words “he dunked on you!” after being found guilty of, I don’t know, treason?

At any rate, the court is not open to the public but does stay in regular use with the Supreme Court employees.

Watch the video below to get a good look at the court in action!

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.