There’s A Pikachu Parade And Festival Every Year, And It’s Adorable

By now, you should already know about pikachu, the cuddly and adorable mascot of the Pokémon franchise. However, did you know that you can see them in real life? Since around 2014, hordes of friendly pikachu have been appearing in places like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore for a huge parade, and the surrounding areas often have special events and souvenirs to celebrate the occasion. However, the parade is just one small part of the action – pikachu also loves to show off its dance moves! Check out the videos below.

Marching In A Straight Line…

…And Dancing Their Tails Off!

Even Their Ears Move!

As you can see, pikachu is a pretty good performer. Sometimes, however, there can be mishaps, often due to pikachu’s mischievous nature. This is where the cuteness gets a little crazy.

Pikachu Has Some Technical Difficulties, Causing Chaos!

Pikachu Moonlights As An Air Traffic Controller

Rude! Pikachu Disrupts Its Friends In Line

LOL! Pikachu Squeezes Through A Subway Passage

I couldn’t find much information about this year’s outbreak in English, but the hordes of pikachu usually come out during the summer. In fact, last year’s big pikachu outbreak was in August. Keep your eyes peeled, everyone!

Pikachu Says Bye-Bye!

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