This Animal Shelter’s Low-Budget ‘Commercial’ Is One Of The Best Things EVER

Furkids is a no-kill animal shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, and they have released what is, quite possibly, one of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen.

You see, Furkids currently has a bunch of kitties that need forever homes, and so they turned to YouTube to get the word out.

And it’s working.

As of this writing, over two million people have viewed their online ad (by comparison, the entire population of Atlanta is less than 500,000).

The video features hilarious spoofs, like the woman pretending to be one of those weird inflatable things one often sees outside used car dealerships:


Which makes sense, given the used car dealer persona of the host!

Via YouTube screenshot

Or the time when the host starts singing Sarah McLaughlin’s “Angel” (except he sings badly and forgets the words!) — an homage to the SPCA commercials.

Honestly, just watch the commercial. Then, if you’re in the Atlanta area, go adopt a new family member from them. If not, send them a donation!

Featured Image via screenshot from YouTube video