This Cheeseburger Lingerie Will Definitely Sauce Things up in the Bedroom

Every person in a long-term relationship knows that, after a while, things start to get a little bit….habitual, so to speak, in the bedroom. You know all of each others’ buttons and know how to turn the temperature up. But, despite knowing all the moves that get your partner in the mood, sometimes good ol-faithful gets a little boring. The good thing is that there a ton of ways to add some much-needed spice back into your love life. And when we say spice, we may mean a little bit of sauce. And when we say sauce, we mean things like ketchup, mayo and mustard. Why? Because with this cheeseburger-inspired lingerie set, all you need are some condiments.

Created by Estelle Peacock (dressmaker and costumier), this drop-down gorgeous (and hilarious) lingerie set comes with everything you could possibly imagine to bring your take-out fantasies to life. From your burger bun bra and panties to your frilly lettuce garter belt and thigh garters, everything was meticulously thought-out. The buns even have little pearls to mimic sesame seeds!

Image by Estelle Peacock via Facebook

If you take a closer look, you’ll find even more details along the panties, including bits of lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, the melt-in-your-mouth patty and even a wee bit of ketchup along the top! Unfortunately, this set was one-of-a-kind, as Estelle custom- made it for a friend of hers. Thankfully for us, her other creations are equally as fabulous! There are plenty more outfits available on her Instagram page. But for now, we’ll keep swooning over this set!

Cheeseburger lingerie
Image by Estelle Peacock via Facebook

For those who love order extra pickles with their burger, this one is for you!  When the time comes to remove your delicious cheeseburger bra, stuffed with bedazzled tomatoes and cheese, there is yet another surprise: bejewelled pickle nipple pasties! Truly, is there sight more pleasing to the eyes than a pair of tastefully-jewelled pickle pasties? We think not!

Image by Estelle Peacock via Facebook

Beautiful and tastefully designed, if this is what Estelle Peacock can create, we can’t wait until she graces us with another foodie-inspired piece!