This Cop Donates His Kidney To Another Cop, His Reason Will Pinch Your Heart

When Sgt. Chip Davis needed a kidney, Tennessee police officer Eric Crowder, did not think twice about getting tested. And luckily, he was a match. He immediately offered to donate her kidney and the transplant surgery was successful at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

It turns out he was actually paying back a favor as it was Chip who had helped him get the job at the La Vergne Police Department some years earlier so Crowder looked up to him as a mentor.

Crowder’s reason was very heartwarming. He said he didn’t have second thoughts because he didn’t want Chip’s daughters to grow up without their Dad. To think, that he himself is a Dad to her two daughters.

Davis’ wife said that when they learned her husband has kidney failure, he was put on the waiting list for a kidney which could take three to five years. But then a few months later, Crowder decided to offer his kidney.

“It was kind of hard to believe. You hear about family members doing that, but as far as friends… it was overwhelming” she added.

Image via Today.


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