This Couple Celebrated Their Son’s Life In A Touching Way, And It Triggered A Chain Of Giving

Connecticut couple Shane and MaryJo Dunn gave a $50 gift card to a family dining at First & Last Tavern in Glastonbury, Connecticut on February 20 to honor what would have been the second birthday of their son, Luke. He died from a rare liver cancer when he was just 17 months old, leaving his parents only memories of his cheerful personality and his wide blue eyes.

MaryJo said, “He was nothing but pure joy and love, and we wanted to pass that feeling on.”

They left a card and a wristband that says “Love 4 Luke” to the family telling them about Luke and why they gave a free meal. Coincidentally, the family happened to have a boy who was celebrating his third birthday that night and the family was touched by the event.

The family was so moved that they decided to pay it forward by buying their own gift card to be used by another family later that evening.

This generosity inspired the owner of the tavern, Rich Nemarich, and his brothers who owned three chains of the Tavern, to start their own pay-it-forward program.

What a way to turn a tragedy into something beautiful.

Photo via Today.


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