This Girl Was Called Ugly For Her Birthmark. Now She Rocks It!

I strongly believe that anyone can be beautiful, no matter what they look like. Mariana Mendes is a great example of this – despite a large black birthmark on her face known as congenital melanocytic nevus, her confidence and poise haven’t faltered at all. In fact, she recently did a photo shoot showing off her natural beauty! Indeed, Mariana has stated that she’s proud of her birthmark, because even if people think that it’s ugly, it’s a big part of who she is in her point of view. Let’s take a look at some of her photos. It might be a good idea to take notes – we could all learn a lot from Mariana.

Here’s Her When She Was A Little Girl…

Via Bored Panda

…And Here’s Her Now!

Via Bored Panda

She’s Quite The Fashionista Nowadays

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She Can Also Go Natural – Love Her Confidence!

Via Bored Panda

Pretty Eyeliner And Lipstick For A Night Out!

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According to Mariana, her birthmark has helped her learn how to love herself. Perhaps we could all learn how to love ourselves, quirks and all. What do you think?

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Featured image via Bored Panda

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