This Image Hides Six People. How Fast Can You Find Them All?

Are you good at picking out small details? While our eyes are our windows to the world around us, that doesn’t mean they always see the world quite for what it is. Illusions exist in nature that can fool the eye, like a perfectly camouflaged leopard ready to pounce.

However, thanks to certain types of puzzles, we can sharpen our perceptions to help us notice things (like hungry leopards) much faster! The trick is not necessarily focusing, but learning how to unfocus a bit and listen to your instincts. Our primitive brains are on high-alert all the time and can often spot small details faster than our conscious minds can process.

For example, there are six hidden human figures in this picture. Use your instincts to find them all as fast as you can.

How did you do? Be sure to share this challenge with your friends and family to see who can find them the quickest.