This Man Adequately Shows Us What True Love Means

A married couple met on a blind date, six years ago and got married four months after that. Truly, it was a whirlwind romance for Matt and Libby Sanders but they claimed to be best friends ever since that first day.

They felt like every night they had together was a slumber party and Libby loves to paint her nails every now and then. However, one night ago Matt noticed her expression fell flat when she was about to paint her pinky finger. Well, because it was amputated due to an accident a few months back.

The moment Libby was painting her nails that night, he vowed to be Libby’s surrogate pinky for the rest of their lives.

He said “I love her to death, she is my best friend and any look of disappointment from your best friend you want to fix. When she was lamenting about her pinky I said, “Hey, well, paint my pinky, I’ll be your surrogate”

She says that it’s a reflex to paint her pinky fingernail that is no longer there. She has gotten over the fact that her finger is gone, but with everyday activities like these, she forgets.

Matt, on the other hand, doesn’t mind painting his pinky fingernail one bit. “Every time I look down at my painted fingernail I think of her,” he said.

They live with five children, Libby is a nurse and Matt has his own ice cream shop.

All images via Today.


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