This Old Wendy’s ‘Cold Drinks’ Training Video Was Uber-Bizarre By Even ’80s Standards

One of the cringiest things about starting work for a new job has to be watching training videos. These videos are often poorly produced with more canned dialog than a hostage video (some would say that’s what they are).

What really got me was how stiff and unnatural the interactions were between employees and their customers and coworkers. It was hard not to laugh especially if you had a manager who tried to make you take the video seriously!

While there are thousands of bad training videos out there, Wendys has one that’s an absolute masterpiece. In the video, a Wendy’s employee shows trainees how to pour and serve soft drinks (cold drinks) properly. However, throughout the entire video, she sings the instructions in a strange ’80s-style rap song that’s bizarrely catchy.

Seriously, folks, words can’t do this hot mess justice. You have to see it for yourself.

Now, if this song gets stuck in your head, you’re welcome. And, please be sure to share the pain with your friends and family.