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This Widow Thought She Lost Everything When Her Husband Died, But The She Got The Surprise Of Her Life


Deedee and her husband, Yianni, opened Pizza Bella in Befford, New York back in 1991. It gained a good reputation for its good food and conversation until unexpectedly, Yianni passed away in 2012 at age 54.

Deedee was totally devastated to have lost both a husband, best friend and her soulmate. She had trouble keeping the restaurant open even when the entire staff depended on her.

Since Yianni practically handled everything, DeeDee was unsure of where to start, but as soon as she learned that she can only dive into it, she learned how to manage the business by herself.

So what happened that made her cry? Watch this video and find out. You might want to bring out some tissues if you are sentimental.

Image is a YouTube screengrab. 

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