Tim Conway Shows Harvey Korman How NOT To Pick Up Women At A Bar

While not every guy feels this way, I can speak for myself when I say that I’m much happier married than I was single. One thing I hated as a single man was going to clubs or bars to meet women. Now, some guys think picking up women is fun, but for an introvert like myself, it was absolute torture!

And, throughout my numerous pick-up misadventures, I learned a little secret. You see, it turns out that some women go to bars and clubs just to drink, hang out with friends, and maybe dance, not necessarily to get hit on by guys. I know, right? Pretty shocking.

But, after watching Tim Conway in this clip, I don’t feel so bad about my terrible pick-up skills. Tim and Harvey Korman are in a bar in this skit, and Tim complains how “girls just don’t like me.” Harvey doesn’t quite believe him until Tim shows him just how he “picks up” girls. Get ready for an hilarious education in how NOT to pick up women.

Tim was a pure nut! It’s not hard to imagine that most of this skit was just him improving and the ladies reacting. He’s just that good! Please be sure to share this laugh with your friends and family.