TV Documentary Uses VR to Give Sobbing Man One More Chance to ‘Meet’ His Late Wife

Technology has come a long way. From giving us the smallest improvement in life, to actually making a great change. VR technology was a gamechanger in the gaming industry, imagine experiencing you are playing first-hand. Amazing, right?

A TV Documentary series in South Korea, however, found another way to use this incredible technology. MBC documentary (너를 만났다) which translates to “I Met You”, uses VR to give guests with relatives who have passed away a chance to see them again. In their second season, they just might have the most tear-jerking episode.


Kim Jung-soo, 51, lost his wife 4 years prior to his MBC episode. The episode which almost never happened was aired last January 11, 2020. When his wife passed after years of battling a serious illness, Kim was left with their 5 children. His one wish after all these happened was to see “even just [his] wife’s shadow, one more time”.

Initially, the kids didn’t want him to do the docuseries saying it will be “too painful” for them. In the series, their eldest daughter Jong-bin said that they just wanted to move on and attempt to have a happy life after what happened. They knew that if they agreed to what their father wanted then that will be more difficult.

But Jong-bin shared that they finally agreed when their father said that it is his last wish. Sharing her side, their other daughter Jong-yun said that she agreed to let her father take part in the series because she remembers how much he loved her mother.

“He would kiss her from time to time when working, when eating, or when watching TV,” Joun-yun recalled. “Even when my mother was sick and lost her hair, my father would say that she was pretty and carried her around.”

Clips from the videos of the episode were uploaded on YouTube and you can see Kim not being able to hold back tears when he finally got to meet his wife for one last time.

Which part made you cry the most?