Watch Allie Sherlock and Her Friends Attract a Crowd in 5 Seconds

Busking excites us the same way when we watch a live concert performance of our favorite artists or band. The only difference between buskers and established artists is the venue itself. With concerts, you get to pay a certain amount, whilst on street performances, you get to give claps to admire and an amount you wholeheartedly can toss in the box. We often see buskers on the usually busy streets in the city, as if singing for the passersby and especially to those stop to take time to watch. One of the known buskers on the internet is Allie Sherlock from Ireland.

She earned her million subscribers at such a young age. She went viral on the internet when she sang Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers in one of her street performances at 12. In her recent video, she turned heads and draw the crowd in just five seconds! How did that happen? She simply started singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” with her band friends at Grafton Street. Allie and her little group brought the street vibes with their cool and awesome arrival. Everyone is on hype and all-out for the performance! The guy beside Allie caters to his excellent singing prowess while playing the guitar. In which, the audience finds impressive. Netizens believe that the man deserves signing up for an album for his admirable skills. While the guy performs, Allie on the side enjoys the music by making some cute dance steps, basking in the sunshine, and waiting for her turn.

Up until the end of the song, the crowd stayed and took the time to watch the band. And because of the health situation today, most of the audience are wearing their masks for protection.

See their video and sing along with their rendition of this top-selling song!

Allie at 15 has improved a lot since she started her career. Her 2-week old video singing “I Will Survive” has garnered almost a million views. JUST. LIKE. THAT.