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WATCH: This Stubborn Dog DOES NOT Want To Get Out Of The Tub!

The dog you see in the video above is named Zeus. Zeus is a beautiful husky, but he does not take kindly to being told he has to get out of the tub and go for a walk.

Zeus refuses to take no for an answer. He howls and he hollers  Any whenver mom announces, “Get out of the bathtub,” Zeus lets her have a loud howl of protest.

If you’re like me, you wish your dog was this eager to take a bath. I have to pick mine up–all 60 pounds of her–carry her to the tub, and then carefully place her into the water. The entire time, from the look on her face, you’d think I was torturing her.

So hats off to Zeus, who just wants a nice bath over everything else in life.

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