Watch Tim Conway Crack Harvey Korman Up In Record Time In ‘Dishonorable, A Discharge’

As someone who’s been through the boot camps of two military branches, I can tell you that smiling (much less laughing) just doesn’t happen when your drill instructor (or Sargent for Army soldiers) is addressing you directly. In fact, smiling or laughing is usually the very last thing you want to do.

However, there are occasions when they test your composure by purposely trying to make you laugh, and believe it or not; they are pretty darned good at it. Of course, it doesn’t take much to get young recruits to laugh, given how much stress they are putting under.

The Best of Tim Conway video

I’ve seen them go at a recruit for over 30 minutes using a partially rehearsed routine just to torture the poor kid and everyone else. Rare moments of “controlled levity” are vital in keeping recruits’ morale and mental health from dropping too low. However, one could only imagine having a nut like Tim Conway as your Drill Instructor! Now, believe it or not, the funniest ones are often also the meanest ones who can make you cry as sharp wit can cut both ways.

In this skit from the Carol Burnett Show called “Dishornable, A Discharge,” Tim relieves Harvey Korman of his command. But, despite the severity of the situation, poor Harvey just can’t stop laughing even before Tim opens his mouth! Check it out.

Watching clips like this, it’s so easy to see the chemistry and fun the cast members had together! We hope this video gave you the good laugh you needed today, and we just ask that you pass it on to your friends and family.