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Where Are You Going With That? Here Are Some Unbelievable Objects Found By The TSA

What should we pack in our luggage when we are planning to travel by airplane? The right question should be – what should we NOT pack in our luggage when we are planning to travel by airplane? Some answers may seem obvious; however, human shrewdness, or foolishness, continues to try to push certain limits.

The Instagram account of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a gold mine of images of inventive but clearly prohibited objects packed by passengers and subsequently removed by airport security.

Image via Instagram

You may be the greatest Batman fan, but you do not need these batarangs to fight The Joker on an airplane. These were found in a carry-bag at Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport.

Image via Instagram

A young man was apparently trying to get this enormous teddy bear to his girlfriend. He even bought a plane ticket for the bear. I don’t think that the passenger sitting beside it would’ve been very happy.

Image via Instagram

Bear mace is not allowed into airplanes. I am sure bears are not allowed either, nor teddy bears like that in the previous image. Sorry bears.

Image via Instagram

Concealed weapons like this comb knife are obviously prohibited. You have to admit it is at least ingenious.

Image via Instagram

Gas masks are surprisingly allowed on an airplane. However, there is no reason for those replica bullets. It just looks frightening. This was found in a carry-bag at Miami.

Image via Instagram

It is just easier to keep your gardening tools at home. I am not even sure how this person attempted to fit this gardening hoe in a carry-bag.

All images are from the TSA’s Instagram

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