Will You Go On A Blind Date When You Are 90 Years Old? Why The Hell Not?

Miriam Steiner, age 93 and Harold Sharlin at age 90 went for a blind date at Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C. It was an old-fashioned setup made by Sharlin’s granddaughter who waited on Steiner in a restaurant the previous week.

“My Jenny was so impressed with Miriam’s pep and vigor that she said, ‘You’d make a great date for my grandfather!'” Sharlin said.

“In the Jewish religion, we call that a ‘shadchan’ — a matchmaker,” added Steiner.

Steiner is a widow who never had a date since she lost her husband in 1999.

“I loved him, and I didn’t look for anyone else after that. But I said, all right, what have I got to lose?” she explained when asked about the blind date.

Sharlin on the other hand, lost his wife in 1998 and has went to a couple of dates since then. He made two plans to meet for lunch and hangout of Sharlin’s.

Truth: It’s never too late to find that special someone.

Featured image via Facebook.


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