Dad Sees Kids in Poverty Don’t Have What They Need for Virtual Learning and Fixes Problem

A working station is a key part of an effective working environment, it gives a lot of impact on productivity and efficiency, and general well-being at work. A former carpenter Mitchell Couch 44 years old from Lemoore, California noticed this when all schools went virtual due to the COVID 19 social distancing. His children took over the whole space in the kitchen, working across from each other on the table, and books are everywhere. Everything was topsy turvy.

He decided to build each of his children a desk to give them more space to work freely and he noticed that they were more focused on their studies. The small gesture made a great impact. Wanting to help other families, he decided to make a DIY YouTube video instructing parents on how to build a folding desk for only $20. A working space that is very accessible and takes less space because it can be folded away after use.

Right after he uploaded, he was at once contacted by the Grocery Outlet’s owners asking him if he could build desks and pay for the material, to be donated to the local schools for the kids in need. Aiming to help struggling students with low income amid the COVID 19 pandemic, he did not hesitate to agree. The initial order was only about 25 desks but due to the demand, they raised it to 35 desks. He was aiming for more desks for more students.

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I have to tell you about some amazing people in our community. The owners of the local Grocery Outlet saw my diy desk video and asked me if i could make some desks for them. They wanted to donate them to the local schools for the kids who are in need because of distant learning. I didn't hesitate to help them out. They asked for 25 desks to start but the need was great so we upped it to 35!!! My wonderful wife helped me through the whole thing and even surprised me with four desks she made while I was at work. The owners wanted to keep it low key but I just have to let others know how much local business means to a community like ours. Thank you Karin and David for being wonderful people. #supportsmallbusiness #groceryoutlet

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Watch and support this dad’s project. No doubt, there are bound to be a lot of happy kids because of this.

The owners of the local Grocery Outlets wanted to keep quiet about it but Couch wanted to let everyone knows how much of a big help a local business means to their community that a small gesture will give a great impact on the benefit of those in need.