Dwayne Johnson Sings ‘You’re Welcome’ While Washing Hands with Daughter

It’s been more than half a year since the pandemic shocked the world and shut us inside the comfort of our home. It caught us off guard. Novice to the nature of the unseen enemy, we are all advised to undergo home quarantine and frequent hand washing to avoid the harm of new strain of bacteria. As we are all vulnerable to the unseen force, homes with kids should be more aware than ever. Even before the pandemic, it is one of the basics that we teach our kids: wash hands often. And to make sure kids are taught to sing Happy Birthday while cleaning their hands for a more effective result.

One of the influential personalities in the entertainment industry has inspired a lot to teach kids how to wash their hands properly. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, in a cute video with his daughter Tia has drawn millions of views on the Internet. Dwayne showed how he teaches little Tia to wash her hands with their version of social distancing. At first, he is explaining to Tia that she can sing the ABCs in washing her hands. But that time, they will be singing “You’re Welcome” from one of Disney movie Moana’s official soundtrack. There, Dwayne started singing the rap portion of the song while rubbing Tia’s hand with soap. Tia then looks fascinated with her dad, looking at him with smiling eyes.

In the video, Dwayne did some impromptu lyrics about the virus that’s going on around, for it to go away. And he urges little Tia to tell everybody to stay healthy and stay safe. The way Tia reminds everyone to be safe in these challenging days sends us good vibes. She isn’t just one cute little girl, but smart and sweet too. Dwayne is so blessed to have Tia and Jazzy as well. Whenever we see The Rock having daddy-daughter moments, the word “gentle giant” reminds us of him. With his big body and muscles, he’s a sweet and caring dad inside.

The Rock is real #DadGoals! The way he handles his daughters is just fantastic- feels like parenting done right. Want some more of Tia and Dwayne’s cuteness overload? Watch the video below:

Hope we see more of daddy-daughter moments of Tia and Dwayne, perhaps with Jazzy this time.