Elderly White Lady Bullies Black Girl Selling Candy, But Then This Man Did Something Incredible

Andy Lizarraga was standing outside a Target when she noticed an elderly white lady harassing a young black girl who was selling candy outside the store. The lady asked the girl if she had a license, and even threatened to call the police on her.

Lizarraga pulled out her cellphone to film the elderly lady, and that’s when something incredible happened. A man by the name of Jay Lopez walked out of the store and heard what was going on.

He saw that the little girl was crying, so he decided to purchase all her candy and hand it out to strangers coming out of the store.

Lopez told CBS LA that he believes the elderly lady wouldn’t have said anything if the girl had been white, “If it was Girl Scouts cookies and it was a white girl…I bet it would have been a whole different story.”

Screengrab via: Youtube