Girl Sings 15 Different Voices and 45 Million Views After, People Still Can’t Get Enough

Here’s a young lady that will surely make your jaw drop! Yanina Chiesa is a performer from Argentina with exceptional talent. She can make singing impressions of multiple celebrity voices ever perfectly. And one of her best masterpieces is the amazing solo performance wherein she mimicked 15 powerful vocals! The video clip has unsurprisingly garnered more than 45 million views up to date. It’s just too good to not be noticed! The line-up? Oh, prepare to have your mind blown. From the legendary classic artists to famous pop icons, this lady is ready to slay them all!

She sure did her homework and has created one of the most entertaining impressions there is. I also feel the urge to note that she did all the voices in one go. That’s right; she switched from one voice to another simultaneously without even breaking a sweat. What an amazing talent, right? I mean, how could she even manage to do that? She started off with a voice we all probably are familiar of. She sang Amy Winehouse’s classic tune “You Know I’m No Good”. This was then followed by the high-pitched tone Ariana Grande before she switched to the full voice of Shakira singing “Waka Waka”.

The next on the line-up is Britney’s iconic baby vocals before she continued with Christina Aguilera’s “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”. She then sang her attempt on Ellie Goulding’s cool and light melody and did an impression of Sia. After that, she experimented a bit with the famous YouTube star, Jasmine Thompson’s singing style. And the list goes on and on. This wonder woman even bravely did Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne! Can you imagine? The last five then includes gorgeous pop superstars Christina Perri, Taylor Swift, Adele, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry. Way to go, lady! And that concluded her incredible set.

Close your eyes and listen to the diverse musical impressions- even dare to spot the differences!

Whoa! Now I’m certainly curious about what her actual singing voice is!