Just Andrea Bocelli’s Exquisite Son Matteo Singing ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’

The world’s most beloved tenor, Andrea Bocelli, never failed to make everyone’s day with his calming aura and heavenly voice. His name in the music industry has almost been synonymous with perfection as that’s what he always delivers on stage. Many different artists look up to him and couldn’t help but praise his exquisite vocals. Even the legendary Celine Dion compared his voice to God’s! And so, when his youngest son Matteo Bocelli entered the music scene, all eyes were on him. Everyone was looking forward to seeing yet another generation of Bocelli magic- of which he gladly obliged.

Now, he’s taking the spotlight ever gracefully as he forges his name in the industry. Following his dad’s musical footsteps, Matteo has made the world swoon with his gorgeous vocals and charming smile for years. People were even keen on calling him the “Prince of Ballad” and rightfully so!

Everything about him just feels like something straight out of a fairytale. And if that’s not enough, you might want to see his new official cover of a timeless Disney piece. I kid you not; it’ll make you feel a lot of things!

The song in question is none other than the crowd-favorite, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” by Elton John. The renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied him in the background, creating some nostalgic magic that’ll pierce right through our emotional cores. This is in connection with Disney’s newest grand album, Disney Goes Classical. Matteo, along with other notable talented musicians, joined together to bring back our all-time favorite fairytale theme songs to life and take us on a journey to the imaginative, beautiful world of fiction. Not to mention that they’re adding a classical twist to every piece!

Watch the young gentleman’s impressive performance below and feel the love tonight!

What an enchanted moment! The intensity of his rich voice is almost hypnotizing. I just couldn’t ask for more! He should surely consider being a real Disney prince soon!