Matteo Bocelli Reveals His Guilty Pleasure and Hidden Talent

OMG, my heart! Calling all Matteo Bocelli fans, stop whatever you’re doing right now and lend me your eyes and ears. This short interview in an episode of Sound Bites has some juicy information that you’ll never hear elsewhere. We all know that Matteo is the musical successor of the legendary Italian opera singer, Andrea Bocelli. We are also aware of how charming and talented this young bachelor is. But aside from that, there’s still much to know about this rising star. And this short clip will reveal some of that to your liking! Did I finally catch your attention? If so, then let’s get started!

We were greeted with the stunning smile of Matteo as he introduced himself and the channel. Right then and there, many hearts have surely fallen as his cute Italian accent and deep voice resonated with the place. And his gorgeous physique is also not helping! This was followed by an interesting question that leads us to know about his love for pasta. And when asked about his guilty pleasure song, he chose the piece of Justin Bieber without a second thought. Interesting, isn’t it? He then named a few places he enjoyed performing at.

Also, did you know that Matteo is a Spiderman fan? And if you’re curious, he also revealed his hidden talent and it’s nothing like you’ve probably expected. There was then a bit of talk about clothes before moving on to the show’s next category called Food Fire. There, the talented singer was asked to choose between two options including whether he prefers breakfast or brunch, and if he likes soup or salad. His selections will surely interest you and even surprise you. Who knows, maybe you have a lot of similarities with your idol and you’re not even aware of it!

So, watch this delightful interview below and be captivated with the Bocelli charm as you get to know him a little bit more.

Is it just me or everything about him is so loveable? He sure is one to make every lady weak at the knees!