Opening Committee of The Annual Prestigious Stanford Viennese Ball Breathtakingly Waltzes To The Room

You don’t have to be a fan of ballroom and dancing to appreciate this spectacular routine during the 2013 Stanford Viennese Ball! The opening committee or eröffnungskomitee welcomed everyone in a dreamy and magnificent performance that’ll surely sweep you off your feet. And all these are accompanied by an orchestra playing live onstage! A soft melody of ‘Künstlerleben‘ or “Artists’ Life” signaled the dance’s beginning. As the string instruments softly sing their melody, a gentleman stood up on cue. This is then followed by the next gentleman on his right. And after every man was on their feet, they bowed to the ladies before taking their hands. Soon enough, everyone was in pairs, ready to take on the dance floor.

Gracefully, they swayed and twirled to the rhythm. I’m in love! It was literally like a fairytale with everyone in formal attire. The debutants also seemed to be having a great time as they spun and spun together, following the carefully choreographed routine flawlessly. The classy delight was even added some spice as the gentlemen lifted the ladies, creating a visually appealing act. Not to mention that the way they elegantly and slowly change formation is stunning! The ladies’ billowing white satin gowns and beautiful pearl white gloves are paired with the gentlemen’s crisp black tuxedos. Together, the alternating colors highlighted the movement’s flow as they go.

The yearly Viennese Ball is actually a lovely tradition of Stanford. It’s a night full of social dancing, magnificent performances, enchanting live music, and interesting contests. While the event is all grand and outstanding, the tradition actually started with major aesthetic challenges. It began in 1978 when a bunch of Stanford students who returned from Austria after attending a program got inspired and smitten with the bright and dazzling balls in Vienna. These students started without any appropriate attire (and haircuts), and went home completely in love with the dance! A few years later, it has then become one of the most-awaited festivities in the place.

Watch the breathtaking performance below and even daydream about slow-dancing with your soulmate.

Why is this not a normal thing in our place? Imagine what it’s like if this graceful and elegant celebration is a thing here. I’d pretty much like to be a princess too- even for just one night!