This Marine Gets an Emotional Gender Reveal Care Package 8,000 Miles Away from Home

Here’s a story that’ll surely touch your heart and make you smile. Zach Zapata is a U.S. Marine who has long been trying to start a family with his wife, Janet. They have struggled for years to conceive their very own little angel but to no avail. “With both Janet and I constantly being disappointed and saddened by seeing other friends around us having children, it had definitely taken a toll on us,” Zach said. So, you can just imagine their happiness when the very special moment came. Janet surprised his husband with yellow balloons and a box full of tests confirming that their dream’s finally coming true! And they just couldn’t hold their excitement!

“When Janet announced her pregnancy to me, I couldn’t believe it,” the military dad explained. “I remember immediately thinking the struggle was finally over – we had finally received the news we had been fighting [for] for so long.” However, the national hero had to fulfill his duty after a while and was assigned to be deployed to Japan. That’s about 8,000 miles away from their home in North Carolina! Yet Janet didn’t care at all about the distance and was keen on keeping her beloved husband included and updated every step of the way.

When she finally knew about the gender of their baby, she thought of a great way to share it with Zach as soon as possible. And so, a mini gender reveal party commenced at his military base in Japan. Janet sent him a box that’s cleverly packed to build up the anticipation. With his closest colleagues next to him, the room was filled with excitement as the soon-to-be father carefully unboxed the package. Finally, he got the great news: he’s going to have a son!

“Everyone in my company knew that my wife was pregnant and they were all very excited for me, even more so because they really wanted to know what the sex of the baby was going to be,” Zach said. “The feeling of knowing I had so many of my people around me to share this announcement truly made it special.”

Watch the touching video that just shows how long-distance relationships should be done!

This is too sweet and adorable! Love truly does know no boundaries when it’s genuine and pure. God bless this family!