This Obscure Indonesian Tribe Has People With Mesmerizing Bright Blue Eyes

The eyes are the window of the soul. They speak more than what words could. Just like body language, the eyes will give away whatever emotion there is in the heart. No matter what color or shape the eyes have, they are the most sincere part of the face. The first thing we notice on others is not the emotion the eyes expressed, but the eyes’ color.

In Indonesia, the Southeast Sulawesi is a region of lush rainforest that is not different from the other natives when it comes to their way of life, customs, and tradition. But there is one particular tribe on the Island of Buton with different distinguishing features from the rest of the natives. Unlike other Asians with brown to black eyes or a few grey or hazel, this tribe has distinctive blue eyes that gleam against their brown skin.

You may be wondering why they have this particular color of the eyes. Based on the “Pacific Press Agency,” the blue eyes are caused by a rare genetic disorder called Waardenburg Syndrome. This is a congenital condition that can cause hearing loss and changes in pigmentation of hair and eyes.

However, some of them have normal to moderate hearing, and some have a different color of eyes; one is blue, and the other is brown.

Some even have two colors in one particular eye. This condition affects one in 40,000 people.

Whatever their eyes color, whether the disorder or a defect, these natives of the Buton Tribe are friendly and welcoming people. Shouldn’t they be grateful for their blue eyes? Because people with “blue eyes” are more attractive than others with a different color of eyes.