Toddler’s Reaction to Dad Pretending to be Fancy Waiter While Feeding Him Is Hilarious

After a couple of months of staying at home due to the quarantine, sommelier and dedicated father Jason Booth started to miss working in the restaurant. Perhaps those who have found their true calling in life understand exactly how it feels like to be away from your craft for quite a long time. You’d find any possible way to be reunited with it again! So, Jason did what he could to bring his cherished work at home. And the lucky recipient of the entire 5-star home dining services is none other than his toddler son, Jonah. Apparently, this little guy has been having scrumptious Haute cuisines for his lunch!

The lucky kid gets to be served by this father of the year who, by the way, is always dressed in a debonair suit and tie that just shouts elegance. While Jonah patiently waits on his high chair, his dad then brings him the menu of the day which is decorated elaborately on a plate. He even gets to hear a quick spiel that entices you with all the delicious details of the entree just as in a fancy restaurant. But unlike in the real high-end resto, the meal introduction this time is full of groan-inducing puns and an endless supply of dad jokes. It’ll leave you gagging as your stomach grumbles with anticipation.

Jason actually got inspired by the Netflix series Chef’s Table. After being quarantined with his family for some time, he decided to launch his own Instagram series that showcases his love for food and his son. Aptly called “L’Dad’s Chateau,” the series is full of amusing featured dishes and little Jonah’s cute reactions. In this particular video, the sweet boy looked so overwhelmed and entertained at the same time with all the unfamiliar food in front of him. Still, the tiny guest gave his father a nod of approval before taking a bite. It’s too adorable!

Watch the video below that’ll most likely make you laugh, hungry, and delighted with the unusual dining experience.

Great job, daddy! We can’t wait to see more of this fancy high chair meal.