Trick Your Brain By Watching This Black And White Photo Change To Color

Do you enjoy optical illusions? Personally, I love them. And I’ve got one that is virtually guaranteed to blow your mind!

The video above is taken from the BBC’s Colour: The Spectrum of Science. 

By staring at a false-color image, your brain will “adjust the sensitivity of the light receptors in your eye to the different colors in the image.” The moment the image returns to its colorless scheme, the participant — and viewers around the world — see the image flash its true colors.

Some viewers who continued to really concentrate on the blue dot said the image never returned to black and white! So, make sure to keep your eyes on the dot and the photo should remain in color for the duration of the video.

For me, the shift from black and white to color was shocking even though I was expecting it. Try it yourself and see if you agree with me that the brain is the most amazing machine of them all.