Watch the Bello Sisters Dominate ‘Physical’ on the Stage of America’s Got Talent 15

Let’s get physical this time, keeping ourselves active and healthy will allow us to do other physical activities like acrobatic. But acrobatic needs agility, motor coordination, and human feat of balance. Brace yourself for this time we will watch these breathtaking acrobatic performances of the Bello Sisters.

Bello Sisters composed of Loren, Celine, and Joline Bello are Italian-American acrobatic sisters. It’s not so surprising that they will grow adept at this kind of performance, being their father performed for twelve years with Cirque de Soleil doing Icarian Games act and their mother was the very first woman who walked on a highwire without posts. They started training at a very young age but only started their specific stunts for only three years.

Just like any other talents who want to fulfill their dreams, they take their chances by auditioning to America’s Got Talent. And so they tried their luck in the talent show. Their father being a performer was never given a chance to perform in Vegas. So they wanted to open their own family show there to fulfill his long-time dream and be given the opportunity to work with him.

So the Bello Sisters delivered their EPIC Acrobatics on the Season 15 of America’s Got Talent with the song “Physical”. It was written by Lipa Clarence Coffee Jr., Sarah Hudson, and its producer Jason Evigan. It was an amazing and stunning performance, that awed the audience and the judges. What took everybody’s breath away was at the finale when one of the sisters put a long-stemmed rose on her lips and the stem was shot by an arrow, and bull’s eye the rose fell. That wowed the audience and gave them booming applause and cheers.

Follow the Bello Sisters in their journey in America’s Got Talent.