Blind Man Draws What He Thinks Things Look Like — FASCINATING!

This is Tommy Edison. He creates videos on YouTube and goes by the name “The Blind Film Critic.”

Edison was born blind. In his videos, he talks about the perks of being blind. If you go watch his videos, you’ll see how jolly he is, and you’ll appreciate how he reminds people who are able to see to take advantage of their sight and just live a little.

In one episode on his channel, his subscribers challenged him to draw things as he thinks they look. There were a lot of requests and he only chose a few.

He chose those that he already held. He discarded requests like “rainbow,” “giraffe,” “world,” and a lot more things that he never held or experienced yet.

Those he chose were:

A Kitty Cat



Watch the fascinating video below.

Image is a YouTube screengrab


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