10 Of The Most Colorful Places Around The World

The world is full of beautiful colors, both natural and man-made. The following images show what can happen when people use paint to spruce up their surroundings.

From a colorful market square in Poland to a beautiful lagoon that reflects vibrant colors off of nearby homes in Italy, we recommend you add at least a few to your bucket list.

1. Stary Rynek Square in Poland

2. El Macro Mural Barrio de Palmitas In Pachuca, Mexico

3. Alkaff Bridge In Singapore

4. The Saguaro Hotel In Palm Springs, California

5. Santa Marta Favela In Rio de Janeiro

6. Buenos Aires In La Boca, Argentina

7. Nyhavn Street In Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Little India In Singapore


9. Nuuk, Greenland

10. Burano, Venetian Lagoon, Italy

H/T: Odee 

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter