10 Unique Wedding Ring Finger Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular, not only with the Gen X-ers but with all ages. The number of adults with tattoos has grown by eight percent from 2012 to 2015 as of the last Harris Poll. Furthermore, as of 2015, three in ten adults have at least one tattoo. Not only are tattoos more prevalent but they have made their way into the marriage/engagement realm.

I remember the first time I saw a man on a television show get a tattoo on his wedding ring finger in place of an actual wedding ring and thought it was a pretty cool idea. The wedding ring finger tattoo is naturally progressing from mimicking ring designs and spouse’s names into more unique designs. You can always stay true to the wedding date tattoo or the initial of your spouse, but if you are looking to branch out and be a little more unique I have compiled a list of 10 wedding/engagement ring finger tattoo designs.

1. For those that love comics or those just familiar with them. The Superman/Wonderwoman tattoos are classic yet different from the norm.

Image via Askideas

2. This is a tattoo of two different things that belong together. An owl is nothing without its home in the tree. There are so many different combinations that aren’t limited to an owl and a tree but this is definitely unique.

Image via Pinterest

3. These tattoos are on the inside of the ring finger that is a little different that traditional ring placement. This is definitely a unique design that warrants consideration.

Image via Askideas

4. There are so many different variations on the type of crowns you can use. This is a more simple idea that is classically cool.

Image via Pinterest

5. For the music lovers of the world. There is a little subtlety with the smiley face hidden below the music notes.

Image via InkedWeddings

6. For those that love the sea. You have the steering wheel and the compass that both act a guide. These are cool ideas with a different type of twist on it.

Image via Pinterest

7. As with the arrows, not all tattoos have to be in the traditional wedding ring placement. These are on the inside of the wedding ring finger so they serve as a reminder when you hold hands. Just a simple reminder of Love.

Image via Joaoleitao

8. The lock and key idea is a very cool idea. Both of these tattoos can have so many different variations to suit one’s personality.

Image via Askideas

9. What better to show a couple belonging together than interlocking tattoos that complete each other. Once again this being on the inside of the fingers to serve as a uniqueness plus the simpleness of the heart.

Image via Styleblazer

10. The arrow that is not complete without the other half. This is a very cool idea that on its own serves as a great conversation piece that others will notice.

Image via Painful Pleasures

Whatever you choose to serve as wedding rings, let it show your personality. There is nothing wrong with a ring but I find myself taking mine off so much due to work and recreational activities. Tattoos will take that out of the picture plus there is a definite permanence that goes with a tattoo. A wedding ring finger tattoo can serve as a reiteration that marriage is forever.

Featured Image via BestDiamondSource.com