15 Of The Most Incredible Works Of 3D Pavement Art You’ll Ever See

Julian Beever, originally from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, in the UK, has traveled the world, wowing people with his drawings that appear to leap right out of the pavement.

Beever uses a technique known as anamorphosis to create his pieces, meaning that the illusion requires a special device to truly appreciate it. To that end, he places a camera in the correct position when he completes his drawings to allow passersby the full effect.

Enjoy some of the best of Beever’s drawings here!

A Slight Accident In A Railway Station

Waste Of Water

Swimming Pool In The High Street

Little And Large

Mind That Wall!

Back Off, Creep!

A Slight Accident On A Building Site

The Spider Spied Her

Making Mr. Snowman


Who’s Painting Who?

Batman And Robin To The Rescue

The Great Green Grasshopper

Pond In The Rain

Wheel Of Fortune

This last drawing was described as follows by Mr. Beever:

“This was done in Santiago, Chile for the Telecommunications company 3M as part of their ‘Ingenuity’ campaign. It was the most difficult drawing I have ever attempted.”

All photos via julianbeever.net