17 Photos That Show Christie Brinkley As You’ve Never Seen Her Before!

While Christie Brinkley might be known for her infamous photos in scantily-clad bikinis and titillating bosom shots, when a female model breaks into the modeling business she is usually only known for one thing: her body. It is difficult to look beyond the here-and-now and envision Christie Brinkley being anything other than a beautiful, blonde uptown girl with a body to die for and a smile that could blind the sun itself.

Her book: Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great, and she has a skincare line, too (we’ve not tried it…just sharing in case anyone wants to check it out).

Christie Brinkley with her daughter Alexa Joel, via Sports Illustrated

Sometimes it’s hard to picture her with a home life, or with her parents, or… wearing a wig?

Yep. We have all the candid shots right here. From Christie playing in the snow as a teenager to her donning a wig from her collection, all the shocking pictures you could ever want from a woman as prominent as Christie Brinkley are here in this conglomerate list of jaw-dropping moments iconic to her own memories and from her own past.

And I can bet you haven’t seen even half of them before now.

Christie In A Wig

Image courtesy of Elle/Hair2Wear.

Christie With Her Brother

Image courtesy of Pinterest.
Image courtesy of Pinterest.
Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Vintage Christie

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Image courtesy of Cosmopolitan/Pinterest.
Image courtesy of True Story Magazine/Pinterest.
Image courtesy of Pinterest.


Christie With Her Family

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Image courtesy of Instagram/Sarah Brinkley Cook.

Christie, The Blushing Bride

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Image courtesy of PEOPLE.com/Pinterest.

Silly Christie

Image courtesy of Elle/Pinterest.

Childlike Christie

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Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Christie and Michael Jackson

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Christie Brinkley… Or Is It?

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

(Spoiler alert: this is actually her mom. Can you even tell the difference!?)

The infamous swimsuit model not only has a vintage side, but she was also once a teenage girl herself who was daring her own brother to eat more food than her just to see if he could do it. She posed for happy family pictures, she took pictures at her memorable weddings, and she even donned excessively rosy cheeks in several magazine shoots before breaking onto the scene in the late 1970s.

And even though she will always be remembered for her swimsuit modeling portraits, that does not mean the iconic picture-taking started there.

Or the modeling, for that matter.


Featured image courtesy of Simplicity/Pinterest.

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