33 Of The Most Spectacular Aurora Photos Ever Featured By NASA

Aurora Borealis (also knows as polar lights or northern lights) and their counterpart, Aurora Australis (the southern lights) — is the most magical work of nature that we can admire.

Best Stuff Online writer Danielle Hartshorn gave us a collection of stunning Aurora photos earlier this year, but this new set of photos — all of which have been featured by NASA — deserve a new post.

1. Queenstown, New Zealand

Source: Minoru Yoneto


2. Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Source: Greg Syverson


3. Lekangsund, Norway

Source: Hugo Løhre


4. Whitehorse, Yukon

Source: Joseph Bradley


5. Whitehorse, Yukon

Source: David Cartier, Sr.


6. Expedition 32, ISS

Source: Joe Acaba/NASA


7. Faskrudsfjordur, Iceland

Source: Jónína Óskarsdóttir


8. Kvaløya Island, Norway

Source: Fredrick Broms


9. Expedition 29, ISS

Source: NASA


10. Alberta, Canada

Source: Zoltan Kenwell


11. ISS

Source: Scott Kelly/NASA


12. Delta Junction, Alaska

Source: Sebastian Saarloos


13. Donnelly Creek, Alaska

Source: Sebastian Saarloos


14. Expedition 41, ISS

Source: NASA/ESA/Alexander Gerst


15. Northern Norway

Source: Ole Salomonsen


16. Christchurch, New Zealand

Source: Steven Graham


17. Grand Forks, North Dakota

Source: Jonathan


18. Yukon, Canada

Source: Jonathan Tucker


19. Tromsø, Norway

Source: Harald Albrigtsen


20. Expedition 46, ISS

Source: Scott Kelly/NASA


21. Harstad, Norway

Source: Johnny Henriksen/Spaceweather.com


22. Expedition 29, ISS

Source: NASA


23. Alberta, Canada

Source: Zoltan Kenwell


24. Expedition 23, ISS

Source: NASA


25. Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

Source: Joshua Strang/USAF


26. ISS

Source: Scott Kelly/NASA


27. ISS

Source: Scott Kelly/NASA


28. ISS

Source: Scott Kelly/NASA


29. ISS

Source: Scott Kelly/NASA


30. Expedition 42, ISS


31. Expedition 30, ISS

Source: NASA


32. Cascade Mountains, Oregon

Source: Jason Brownlee


33. ISS

Source: NASA


Which one is your favorite? They’re all beautiful and fascinating, I can’t even choose!

While you’re at it, here are 25 facts about Aurora Borealis:


H/T: Twisted Sifter

Image via Jonathan