4 Reasons You Need To Start Learning A Foreign Language Right Now

Most of us suffered through some sort of language class in high school or college, but the sad fact is that many of us have little to show for it. Well, it’s time to dust off the old textbooks and start studying because research shows that learning a foreign language has numerous benefits.

Strengthen Your Brain

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A study revealed that learning a foreign language strengthens your brain the way exercise affects muscles. Grey matter, or the part of your brain that processes information, was altered in those that learned a new language. So start stretching those brain muscles.

Change The Way You Travel

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Traveling seems to be on nearly everyone’s bucket list these days. Visiting new places and meeting new people can be life changing but it’s challenging to truly embrace a new culture or place without speaking the language. Once you learn a language, you can communicate with people and learn more about them and their culture. In addition, if you feel comfortable enough to communicate you can stray from the tourist areas and safely find your way back without having to worry.

Expand Your Resume

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Adding a foreign language to your resume can change the way you employers see you. Not only does this show your ambition, ability to learn, and determination, but it makes you stand out from the crowd. Several companies and employers could benefit from a bilingual employee. This will allow you to communicate with others that may have otherwise been out of reach.

It’s Impressive

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I probably don’t have to tell you that it’s impressive to learn a different language. This difficult task is not something that everyone can do. Friends and family will understand the depths of your determination when you can order or ask for directions in a different language. Opening yourself up to another world of people is an amicable trait that we should all try.

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