A Smashingly Fun Time With Commercial Glass Doors


We’ve all had ‘one of those days.’ In this compilation video we see a lot of people having navigational difficulty and quite literally, making their own doors. You would think that commercial glass doors would be pretty easy to spot.

The video opens with a classic ‘man walking into partially lowered garage-style door’ and landing on his keister. His buddies enjoy a laugh at his expense, but at least they offer him a hand up. From there we spin into a classic revolving door that appears to be hungry, as it tries to digest a gentleman and his belongings. He escapes, but his baggage doesn’t.

I think my favorite bit is the poor, em-bare-assed streaker. He’s holding his stuff to avoid bouncing, but it doesn’t quite work the way he expects as he finds out when he ‘bounces’ in a different direction. The poor fellow gets up to continue his journey returning the way he came to gales of laughter from the unknown cameraman.

The video continues, with insane laughter during many of the bits. I’m hoping you are adding your own laughter and enjoy this one as much as I did. Thank you to Tiger FunnyWorks for compiling this load of laughs.

Remember – pay attention to your surroundings and beware of commercial glass doors. Hopefully you don’t work for the jerk in the auto place that locked the door to record the young lady slamming into it…


Featured image is a screen grab from Tiger FunnyWorks video