5 Private Islands You Can Buy Right Now!

Have you ever had those days where you sit back, take a deep breath, and sigh happily at the solace that you won’t have to interact with anyone? Do you ever get that reassuring feeling that you won’t have to encounter any idiots to ruin your day as you sit in the darkness of your room and curl up with your favorite book?

Do you ever find yourself tired of society?

Well, Private Islands Online is for you. It’s the most comprehensive list of searchable islands for sale, and there is something for everyone with just about every budget.

If you’re a millionaire, that is.

So sit back, look through this list, and dream of how wonderful it would be to wake up to these views and have all of this space to yourself.


With no society.

Anyone else already drooling like I am?

1. Jewel Caye is a two-acre island in Belize, and it boasts of two houses, a duplex for guests, and a wide pier complete with a dining room and bar. All you need is a measly $3.15 million!

Photo courtesy of Private Islands Online.

2. Just a boat ride away, located a few minutes from Tortola, Buck Island is a whopping 44-acre sprawl of land with white sand beaches. The main house has seven bedrooms, and several cottages litter themselves all around the island. Prices are only available upon request, but we’re pretty sure the price is your soul.

Photo courtesy of Private Islands Online.

3. 26-acres of a place called Pumpkin Key can be yours for $110 million. It’s 10 minutes by helicopter from South Beach, and already has a three-bedroom house, multiple tennis courts, and several paths that span the island for golf carts.

Photo courtesy of Private Islands Online.

4. If you fancy something a little more untouched, this sprawling place called Ginger island is 258 acres. It’s located near Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, and the land is completely undeveloped. Prices are available upon request for this slice of paradise, but my guess? A LOT.

Photo courtesy of Private Islands Online.

5. Tanera Mor, a self-sufficient island off of Summer Isles, Scotland, is about the best deal you will be able to snag. This 760-acre island has a main home, 9 different cottages, a post office, and even a cafe. It also has a dock for fishing (where you can catch things like lobster, cod, and coalfish), and the views of the other Summer Isles are to die for. Now, as for pricing? Many people expect anywhere between $150 million and $500 million.

Photo courtesy of BBC News.

It’s actual price? $1.95 million.

Sounds like I found my new home!

Anyone got $2 million I can borrow?

Featured image courtesy of Private Islands Online.