7 Pictures That Prove Smaller Really Is Better (In Homes, That Is)

In an era that measures the importance of an individual by how big any one object is, tiny is a hard thing to respect. Wealth is based on the size of your home or bank account, success is based on the size of your fame and Instagram following, and being a good parent is determined by the largest amount of time you are willing to devote to your children (while sacrificing yourself in the process).

Quite literally, in today’s era, bigger is always better.

Bigger televisions, bigger movie theaters, bigger backyard pools, bigger hotel suites. Even the portions of our food are getting bigger.

This is why, when something tiny comes into our lives, we view it as cute. Like a kitten, or a puppy, or even those tiny kitchen videos that cook miniature food (isn’t it adorable!?).

This is where I introduce to you a list of tiny homes. Homes that don’t breach more than 300 square feet of space. However, these are not just any tiny homes. These are tiny homes that will inspire you to get rid of the place you now call home in exchange for something as “grand” as this.

Trust me, it’s worth a look.

The Beauty Of Hardwood Can Still Shine Through (via Imgur)

And, There’s No Lacking In Modern Luxury (via New Frontier Tiny Homes)

You Can Let The Beautiful Outdoors Be Your Backdrop (via New Frontier Tiny Homes)

Without Sacrificing Outward Style (via HouseBeautiful)

If Total Seclusion Is Your Thing, Have At It (via HouseBeautiful)

Your Tiny Home Can Still Make A Massive Statement (via Texas Tiny Homes)

And, In The End, You Can Make It Your Own (via Treehugger/Tiny House Basics)

If any of those homes sparked a flame of curiosity and exploration, you can find more information about tiny homes for sale, rent, and open for construction here.


Featured image courtesy of Country Living.