7 Tattoos That Are More Than Just Art – They Move! (VIDEOS)

Tattoos may elicit a different reaction from different kinds of people. But whatever it is, it will all come down to one thing. A tattoo is a work of art; it is an expression of the wearer using their own body or the expression of the artist through their works.

These tattoos you are going to see are tattoos that look like they’re moving. An amazing treat, if you ask me!

1. Phoenix

A certain bird tattoo of a woman wowed people when it made rounds on the internet. The tattoo seems to be moving when the lights are flickering and the woman moves her shoulders up and down.

Source: Oddee

2. QR Code

What happens when tattoos meet technology? This!

K.A.R.L., a tattoo artist who works in France came up with this first ever animated tattoo. The tattoo itself has a QR code that can be scanned using any smartphone. The code then takes the user to a link that will make the tattoo come alive. Amazing, isn’t it?

Source: Oddee

3. Phil Berge’s Motion Tattoos

Phil Berge is a tattoo artist from Canada. He makes stop motion videos from different tattoo from different customers that come to him. He has a style guide he calls a flash sheet where customers choose their design and will be a part of a sequence video.

Source: Oddee

4. Projected Tattoos

This next item in the list will take you right inside your favorite fantasy series. People are made to stand up in the middle and projected tattoos are seen covering their whole body, complete with moving portraits and shining stars. This is what it looks like to have a tattoo that is alive.

 5. Horse In Motion

Another stop motion series of tattoos for this item. These show a number of tattoos of a man on a horse that looks like the man and horse are running in an endless way.

Source: Oddee

6. Shark

This right here is what you call genius. OK, no, not really! This is somewhat comical compared to the past tattoos, but how can you not include this in our list? This is the only shark that didn’t send me running.

Source: Oddee

7. Raptor

This last piece here is a skeletal raptor that raises its head when the owner raises his arm. Isn’t that amazing?

Source: Oddee

All these art pieces are incredible! If you are to have a tattoo as amazing as these, what would it be? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


Image via Pixabay.