7 Ways To Unplug From The Office While You’re On Vacation

Everything is constantly forward and changing in the business world, that it is difficult to take an extended vacation now. Even when people are on vacation, such devices as smartphones and iPads can easily keep them in touch with what is going on back at the office.

It is bad enough that a Skift survey indicated that 41 percent of Americans don’t take vacations. But, doing work while on vacation doesn’t sound like a good thing either. Taking a vacation means getting away from work-related stress, relaxing, and recharging.

So here are some ways how.

Yagi Studio via Getty Images

1) Get the Major Stuff Out of the Way

Before you go on vacation, get all the major projects completed and done. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting constant updates while on vacation.

2) Designate a Point of Contact

Pick someone who can handle some of the leftover duties for you in the meantime. Also, this person can be the one person in the office that stays connected to you. Tell everyone that all questions that comes to you should can go through your person of contact instead.

3) Put up the Out-to-Vacation Message

You definitely want to put up some message that you are on vacation for your office message machine. Include your contact person to re-direct calls and state when you will be back. That way, those who reach you understand that you are out of the office right now.

4) Leave it to Your Co-Workers

Trust that your co-workers can fill in for you during your time there. Then, when it is their turn to take a vacation, return the favor.

5) Don’t Pack Work Devices

Don’t throw in a work cell phone or a work laptop unless you are only going to use it for personal use. If you are traveling internationally, you should leave for cell phone at home anyway. Instead, rent a basic cell phone for travel use only.

6) Leave Other Devices at the Hotel

If you are bringing laptops and iPads, leave them at the hotel whenever you go out and try to enjoy the vacation. Take the rental phone in case of emergencies (or if you get lost), but that’s it.

7) Travel to Somewhere Remote

Pick a destination that is fairly remote. In fact, deliberately choosing a place that doesn’t have WiFi is quite helpful.

Featured image via: entrepreneur.com