8 Websites That Will Confuse And Entertain You

Sometimes when I’m online I find things that are not only odd, but funny as well. Some of the things people come up with are just strange. Would you have thought of a cat kaleidoscope? How about a Milhouse for happy occasions? I certainly don’t think I would have. The following are eight websites that I’ve found on my travels to the weird side of the internet – don’t get caught checking these out at work!

Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

Via Comingupmilhouse.com

This entire site is just a video of Milhouse from The Simpsons celebrating because his pants didn’t get wet. Oh, wait – there’s also a large picture of Milhouse in the corner. Anyway, I guess this site would be good for celebrating when things are going your way.


Via Catleidoscope

This is a kaleidoscope that uses cats, as the title indicates. Among the cats included are feline celebrities such as Keyboard Cat, Lil Bub, and Grumpy Cat. Just move your mouse over the page to put yourself into a kitty-induced trance. It’s oddly addictive.

Is Your Girlfriend A Horse?

Via Is Your Girlfriend A Horse?

Well, is she? You can never be too careful. Try taking their free online test just to make sure – it wouldn’t hurt! In all seriousness, this site got a laugh out of me. Apparently I am 31% likely to be a horse. I’m not sure how I would write this article with hooves, though.

The Dial-Up Sound

Via Dialupsound.com

Ah, the 90s. Remember how slow the internet used to be? How about that weird sound that came from the computer when you connected to dial-up? With this website, you can relive the era of AOL by listening to that dial-up sound over and over again.

Chill Out And Watch Some Cat Gifs

Via Chill Out And Watch Some Cat Gifs

If you’re looking for some adorable cat gifs to chill out with, this site will bring them to you. After you watch a gif for a little while, the website will change it to a new, fresh gif so that you don’t get bored. Gone are the days of finding your own gifs – let the gifs come to you!



Have you ever wanted to get your weather from a bad undercover cop? No? Me neither, but now I do. At WeatherFrom, you can get your weather from all sorts of characters, including a spin instructor, a mailman, and an alien. The videos are actually pretty entertaining, so check them out!

Cyber Squirrel 1

Via Cyber Squirrel 1

This website documents power outages caused by squirrels and other pests. According to Cyber Squirrel 1, squirrels are to blame for more than 800 documented outages. Obviously, this means that the squirrels are out to get us. In order to stay safe, be sure to follow this website for new developments on the war against squirrels. We won’t let them get away with this!

Text Smileys

Via Text Smileys

We all love those elaborate smileys, but they’re not always easy to type. This website is a great help in that department – not only does it let you copy and paste the smiley you’re looking for, it also lets you make your own unique one. If you want to┬ámake yourself look internet-savvy, I’d say this is the site for you.

Featured image via Catleidoscope

Source: Johnny Lists