9 Absurd Laws Around The World That Still Exist Today

As children are educated in the classroom about U.S. and World histories, things that are always discussed are laws. Law codes dating back all the way to Hammurabi are analyzed, memorized, and regurgitated for tests scores that enable students to continue passing classes.

But, what most don’t realize is the fact that an entire semester’s history class could be dedicated to laws that are still in existence that are just as weird, absurd, and humorous as those of history.

For instance, up until the year 2000, interracial marriage was still illegal in Alabama… Or the fact that only a qualified electrician can change a light bulb in some towns in Australia.

And, in seven different U.S. states, atheists are still barred from holding office!

This list showcases some of the best, and most enraging, laws scattered around the world. Some might provide some relief, and some might provoke some anger, but the point is this: Yes. These laws actually exist, and are actually enforced.

Bingo Games Can’t Last More Than Five Hours (via ncleg.net)

Courtesy of Potawatomi Hotel and Casino.

I don’t know, North Carolina might be on to something here. A bingo game over five hours might start prompting assaults with deadly weapons.

Chickens Are Prohibited From Doing What They Want (via Only In Your State)

Photo courtesy of Citizens of Culture.

In Quitman, Georgia, there is a local ordinance that prohibits chickens from crossing the road. Does that mean they don’t have any of those horrid jokes? Because if so, it sounds like I found my new retirement home.

Keep Your Eyeballs In Your Face (via OSOTI)

Photo courtesy of Moblog.

In Texas, there is an enforceable ordinance that states that it is illegal and punishable to sell one’s eyeballs.

We need a law for this, Texas?

No Private Medical History For You! (via Plus)

Photo courtesy of Flow & Style Celebrity Forum.

In 2013, Greece breathed life into a utterly draconian law that states that someone can be forced to test for HIV and have those results publicly posted. The reasoning behind it? To protect those without HIV.

Are you kidding? This is legal? THIS EXISTS!?

Don’t Get Married In The Philippines (via Foreign Policy)

Photo courtesy of American Bar Association.

Why? Because, besides The Vatican, divorce is illegal in the Philippines.

Thailand Two-Step (via World Nomads)

Photo courtesy of Money International.

Don’t step on Thailand’s bhat. It could land you with some serious jail time.

Visit Your Parentals! (via Huffington Post)

Photo courtesy of China Daily.

China has recently instated a law that says parents can sue their own children if they don’t come visit enough.

Yeah. Let that sit for a little while.

Is This Considered Racist, Or Exclusive? (via The Telegraph)

Photo courtesy of Reader’s Digest.

Screw drugs, Polish potatoes is where the jail time is. Apparently, no person can import potatoes into England or Wales if the importer is assumed to be Polish.

And, if you think it’s a funny old law, your head will reel when you realize it was instated back in 2004.

Forgetfulness Equals Jail Time (via Chicago Tribune)

Photo courtesy of Just Living.

Don’t forget your wife’s birthday, because in Samoa, it is punishable with jail time. And women all around the world rejoiced while they cried.

You can watch the video below to witness even more weird international laws in action.


Featured image courtesy of Just Something.